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Nepal , Saturday 21 October 2017

News Nepal » Janakpur: Road Trips to Bangladesh, Nepal May Get Easier with New Motor Pact

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Publication date: uesday 17 October 2017

According to Nitin Gadkari, proposals are underway for bus services that will connect India to Bangladesh and Nepal. Some of the proposed bus services could include runs between Dehradun and Mahendranagar, Janakpur and Patna, and Kathmandu and Bodhgaya.

News Nepal » Janakpur: Nepal takes central role in China-India gold smuggling

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Publication date: Sunday 15 October 2017

Though this was the biggest haul of illegal gold in Nepal since 1998, it was by no means an unusual seizure. Four days earlier, police had arrested seven men -- three in Kathmandu and four in the southern town of Janakpur near the Indian border -- and ...

News Nepal » Janakpur: India starts on implementation of motor pact with Bangladesh, Nepal

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Publication date: Saturday 14 October 2017

On bus services with Nepal and Bangladesh, Gadkari said proposals to start such services on Kathmandu-Bodhgaya, Janakpur-Patna and Dehradun-Mahendranagar routes are underway. Bus services between Delhi and Kathmandu, Varanasi- Kathmandu, Delhi ...

News Nepal » Janakpur: Babies as items to steal for some, throwaway for others

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Publication date: Sunday 15 October 2017

At the end, they decided that stealing a child would be easier in Nepal than in Delhi. They crossed the border to reach Siraha and then traveled to Janakpur. The duo shared their plans to few trusted people they met there. In Janakpur, they lived in the ...

News Nepal » Janakpur: Hyundai’s 3S Centre

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Publication date: onday 16 October 2017

KATHMANDU: Laxmi InterContinental Pvt Ltd, the authorised distributor of Hyundai vehicles for Nepal, has inaugurated a new 3S facility at Janakpur with its dealer — Om Automobiles — providing customers with a complete experience of sales, service and ...

News Nepal » Janakpur: Madhes Issues Put on Hold as Nepal’s Janakpur Prepares for Local Elections

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Publication date: Sunday 17 September 2017

While many voters feel that the constitution must be amended eventually, they are excited to cast their ballots for local representatives for the first time since local governments were disbanded in 2002. Janakpur, Nepal: Campaigns for local elections, due ...

News Nepal » Janakpur: Nepal: Pathways To Resolution – Analysis

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Publication date: Wednesday 27 September 2017

cadres were injured when they tried to obstruct an assembly of Communist Party of Nepal-Unified Marxist Leninist (CPN-UML) cadres in Janakpur Sub-Metropolis of Dhanusha District On September 5, 2017, an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) was exploded by ...

News Nepal » Janakpur: Janakpur-Jayanagar Railway line connecting India, Nepal to become functional from next year

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Publication date: uesday 26 September 2017

Kaumudi Global reported that after remaining non-functional for the last three years the Janakpur-Jayanagar Railway line connecting Nepal and India is expected to become functional by 2018. It is the only railway line that once used to link India wit ...